Staying Safe In Your New Home

Staying Safe In Your New home

The feeling of excitement always gets you cheered up when you are shifting to your dream home. Your brand new house that you have created with all the hard work! So, would you not like to keep it a fun place where you don’t have to worry about anything? Yes, because with all the excitement of moving to a new place, it is easy to lose track of a crucial subject. i.e., securing your new house! To help you keep your new home safe, we have listed a few essential things that should be taken into consideration while moving.

  1.  Set up the security system

Choose a system from plenty of home security options for every budget and each level of protection. Set up your house with professional monitoring and home automation. i.e., get an alarm system, add the window sensors and glass break sensors. However, adding the security signs and the security stickers would always be beneficial.

  1.  Securing the doors is always a good idea!

It is easy for an intruder to enter the house. Therefore, ensure that the hinges are protected, and the door frames are strong. You can also add a strike plate, install a deadbolt, and upgrade all the locks with smart locks which will help you to shore up these crucial entryways. To improve the security of your home, you must set the seal that your garage door is shut and always lock the linking door without fail.

  1. Trick the intruders

We suggest you light up the dark areas of your home and add the automated porch lights. This setup allows you to turn off the lights on and off with sunrise and sunset. Create a custom schedule and actions that turn on the lights if the motion is detected. Invest in the inexpensive products on amazon that mimics the rays of television, and you can even play clips of people talking with a smart speaker for when you are not home.

  1.  Know the neighbors

One must always consider and organize the neighborhood safety efforts. Try and check on your neighbors and ask them about the safety approaches they use in their homes. Familiarize with them and see if they are comfortable interacting with you or are okay when it comes to sharing their needs.  Neighborhood safety is a team effort that can be achieved collectively, where you can be the one who starts communicating about the safety strategies and approaches to them.

  1.  Add security cameras

A complete home security system that works as a deterrent and a means to get justice. Install the security cameras mainly at the entrance doors and exits in your house. Ensure that you are using the security camera with a mobile app that will help you to get the footage in real-time and can store it if the need arises to go to the police.

  1. Change the locks

Securing the locks in your new house by changing them is never a bad idea. Make use of the smart locks in this era of smartphones and gadgets as the keyless locks are extremely useful when you want to give the temporary keys to the workers that also helps you to keep a track of who comes and who goes.

  1.  Personal safety and preparedness

Doing whatever it takes to keep you safe is something you must always check on. Make use of the panic free button with the free apps that connect you with the various web services for when you want to call for help or post to social media. Always be prepared for the tornadoes and set up the free weather alerts that can be sent up straight to your phones. Keeping an emergency supply of water, food, and medical safety devices always sounds like a great idea. Don’t forget to keep the first aid kit handy.

  1. Invest for fire safety tools/approaches

While moving into the new house, one must check with the local fire department to enlighten yourself about its services. Also, create a home evacuation plan and make certain that all the family members know how to unlock the bedroom windows, doors and push out the screens if needed. Installing a sound sprinkler system and buying the fire ladder can help you when you are paranoid if there is a fire at your place. Follow some of the fire safety tips for homeowners.

  1.  Fencing can never go wrong

We suggest you go ahead and fence the whole yard of your house. It will help keep the unwanted intruders away. To verify if you are more secures, you must clean up the landscaping of your home more frequently as it may give a place for the burglar to hide. Always have a habit of keeping the ladders, mechanical tools, or gardening tools away that nobody knows other than you. This will not help the intruders to break into your home.

Create a home security plan by combining these several different approaches mentioned above. Do it the right way, as your home should always be a place where you and your family feel safe. Along with all these safety precautions, you should establish that the family members are smart and know the standard techniques or approaches to make home a safer place!  

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