house selling tips

Selling a home is not easy, no matter how heated the housing market is or the hottest location. Technology is shaping the way we live, and with the help of digital marketing, house selling can be made creative, fun, and easy. In fact, with the best location, highly sought-after neighbourhood, the right tools of advertising and creativity, you can sell your house within weeks, in a hassle-free manner.

First, the basic selling tip of the house — getting a thorough home inspection. The buyers usually get second thoughts when they see problems in the house that need to be fixed: even the balcony door lock jams or loose outlet plug matters. Plumbing and electric issues come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Various electrical fire threats are hidden within the walls of the house. Schedule an electrician visit and check with each electrical unit in the house. Schedule a meet with a professional plumber and make sure to fix all plumbing in the bathroom and the kitchen — the leaky faucet and pipes, clogged drains, low water pressure, etc.

Second basic tip for selling the house — make a curb appeal. Work on the exterior of the house to make it look classy and trendy. Freshen up paints, interior, and exterior of the house. Clean and declutter the house to stage the house attractively. Ditch every piece of junk, even as small as cereal boxes on the kitchen counters. Be sure to clean each disused corner; it’s too easy for dust and cobwebs to accumulate on ceiling fan blades.

Third the basic selling tip of the house — hire a real estate agent with good credentials. There is a difference between genuine real estate agents and those who are into real estate business just to earn hefty commissions. Pannazz Real Estate has the most trusted reputation and network of experienced local agents that can help in quickly selling your house. Available in most of the parts of the USA and counties as well, Pannazz has also introduced its online portal, which gives useful information on real estate deals.

Once your house is in the market, let the agents do the marketing. Stressing out selling the house is no help; instead, you can be creative as much as you can and think outside the box to make the house selling fun and easy. Formulate a buzz with potential buyers by five simple techniques.

1. Make it Real — Hire a Professional Photographer

With an eye for the details, it attracts buyers, just like the magazine pictures look attractive. The images should make them imagine enjoying themselves in their future home with their family. Hire a professional photographer and add real-life to the photos and videos. Rent a piece of furniture or antiques to add to the beauty of the home. Decorate the home. Gather around the living room, cook together, host a house party in the backyard, kids play, lazy evening on the porch or patio, cozy bedroom space with some eye-catching pillows and throws.

2. Advertising in Social Media — Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Create a buzz on social media. Post the pictures and videos on social media. Share your realtor listing photographs on Facebook. Spread the word about selling the house. Make an attractive grid on Instagram to attract buyers. Make a mood board on Pinterest with a link attached to Facebook or realtor listing. Ask your family, neighbours, and friends to share the post. Do a virtual tour of the house and post 360 panorama images and videos. Promote the post with engagement ads with a location tag.

Tell your story about why the house is special for you — a personal touch of everything you have bought over the years. Go a long way to show the buyers that your home is worth a look. Have some fun with your listening and mention every detail that makes the house a cosy space for you, and it can be the same with the people who will buy it.

3. Host an Event — Invite Influencers

Alternatively, of a traditional open house, host an event at your house. Reach out to micro and macro-influencers in your neighbourhood or city. Have a brunch theme added with some games. Advertise to the people to come with the kids and have a playdate party.

Influencers will help you reach more audiences because they generally have a loyal fan following, and with the event at your space, it creates a solid buzz.

4. Offer freebies

Freebies are one of the reasons many people get more attracted. If there is anything in the house that is extra and you do not want to carry in your new house, you can offer the buyer as a freebie — custom-built shelf, some gym equipment, wall-mounted TV, dining table set, lawn equipment, some kitchen set, etc. You can also provide them with complimentary moving help by covering the cost of moving the luggage.

5. Free Weekend Stay For The Potential Buyers

Try a solid marketing idea like ‘before you buy’ that can show a positive result. Make an offer to stay a night or weekend to serious potential buyers, which will help in easy selling of your house. You can put a restriction to use some personal items but make sure to give them enough space that they feel at home. An overnight or weekend stay can allow them to test-drive amenities, everything in your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Anything concerning noise or any other potential sleep disruption can be addressed during this time. 


Buying a house is an emotional thing. More than logic, many buyers make a decision based on feelings. Don’t pressurize the buyer to buy the house because you expect a quick sale based on the hot market or location or best amenities in the house or great neighbourhood. Even though you are tempted to follow the buyers around the house to show them each upgrade, or amenities, sometimes just let them be around themselves. Let them feel the vibe of the house. Engage with them, tell stories. Listen to their stories and emotion behind buying a new house. 

The free night sleepover or weekend at your house helps the buyer decide on buying the house. Hosting an event or house party and spending time with the potential buyer can boost their interest towards the house. 

Selling a house shouldn’t be stressful. It should be something you should remember for a lifetime. Because in the end, the emotions we feel and the memories we make is all we want to consider. Make it special!