How can you hire an expert to help you sell your house with minimal involvement and cost? 

how to hire best real estate agent

Selling a house is not a piece of cake. It is the most tedious job you can count on. It doesn’t matter how good, luxurious, hot spot house location you have, sometimes you need the help of an expert agent to help you with pricing, documentation, and other little works. Pricing is no lesser than art. If your house is priced right, there is a big chance the sale goes within weeks. While you sell your home by yourself (also known as FSBO — For Sale By Owner), you may save thousands of dollars in commissions. Still, one of the most significant risks is not having the expertise to navigate all legal and regulatory requirements involved with selling a house.

A real estate agent is in the market to get paid and earn more commissions by selling more houses. While selling a house is more about an emotional process by both — the house owner and the buyer, but an agent sells a house just for the money, they keep their emotions aside. But it is possible to get the right deal agent who can help you sell your house with a discounted commission and minimal involvement unless you ask for advice. 

Real estate agents access large networks, and each one of them has a unique quality to show. An excellent real estate like Pannazz has numerous agents that help people sell their homes with minimal involvement and cost by only helping them market the house on their sites—searching potential buyers from their list with similar tastes the buyers have mentioned and assisting the sellers with legal paperwork. The house seller put there out of box idea to attract the buyers, spread the word, talk with the buyers, and involve in their emotional decision to buy a house.

Once you decide to sell your house, you will be in regular touch with your real estate agent. The agent will represent your house; therefore, choosing the right agent is a tricky decision. This will be a different kind of relationship because your house’s emotions will be involved along with the finances. Therefore you need to choose an agent that you can relate with. Not the one who talks only about money-making business or an aggressive negotiator. 

A great seller, real estate agent, has experience over the years and can help you walk a tightrope and balance confidence with reality. When choosing the agent, contact at least three to four agents from the different companies. Do spend some time with them while touring the house, and ask them about their previous experiences. Look for an agent with at least three to four years of experience selling residential real estate and know the geographical area and property types. Find out the agent’s marketing plan to bring your house to the buyers’ attention in the market. 

The agent who promises the highest price or charging the lowest commission may not perform the best. Make sure to choose what makes you comfortable and not in a rush to sell the house. These five characteristics of an agent can help you with your decision for house selling:

1. Privacy and confidentiality

There is no protocol that a real estate team agents need to follow, but every team agent has a different invariable pitch to convince both — the seller and the buyer. You need to look for the one who has extensive knowledge about the market and respects people’s emotions. As well the agent which acts on your instructions when it comes to offers or house tours.

2. Agent with superior negotiation tactics

Apart from helping you fill out the paperwork before putting the house for sale, an agent’s role is to get you the best possible price for your house. A smart and well-trained agent does negotiate creatively. Every agent has their tried and true method, and nothing can cloud their thinking because they have no emotional stake. You can ask the agent about comparative market analysis and the recent sales they made. With the help of an agent’s useful negotiation framework, you can close the deal on a good note. 

3. Agent who knows what to look for

You will face many unqualified buyers who claim to be interested in buying the house during an open house tour or some buyers who want to buy the house but don’t have the financing lined up, thus asking for more time. A qualified agent will help to screen them and alert you to the issues. The agent’s knowledge and experience can save you time and energy. 

4. Helps you with buyers mortgage 

A mortgage lender will need specific documentation from the buyer and the seller. An experienced agent can help you speed up the process since the agent knows the loan process and all the information. 

5. The agent’s commissions

Discuss the commissions. It varies from 4%-6%, but also it depends upon how much involvement you wish to have with your agent apart from marketing and listing. 

The final decision you make should be based on the above factors and other details you feel to consider, such as a sense of humour or detail-oriented work of an agent. If you sense the agent is overbooked with the other clients, do reconsider your decision before choosing the agent. The agent most likely won’t give you the time and attention you are looking for.  


It is a colossal task to sell a house without a broker because selling your house is one of the biggest challenges — emotional and performance of your life. Hiring an expert has many advantages, such as you will learn a broader spectrum of your property and learn many other things. An expert agent will help you negotiate better and provide you with legal and regulatory knowledge. Thus you can dedicate more time to sell the house while connecting with potential buyers. With the minimal involvement of the agent, you can save the cost as well.

Make sure to sign the right contract about how long the listing contract will last. Agents won’t risk losing the listing after they spent time, money, and energy on marketing. Three to six months is mostly a typical time you should have in hand to sell a house.